• Do you want the absolute best for your child's education?

  • Is your child struggling with phonics at school?

  • Dream of seeing your child soar to new heights in the classroom?

  • Or maybe they love letters and learning and want to do more?

Look no further! Welcome to Robot Reg's Phonics Wonderland, where we're on a mission to transform your child's phonics journey into an unforgettable adventure!

What's included?

  • Our membership includes 30-minute, captivating video lessons designed specifically for Preschoolers, Reception, and Year One students. Watch as your child's eyes light up with excitement while learning the magic of phonics with Robot Reg!

  • We believe in hands-on learning! Get access to a treasure trove of downloadable materials and worksheets that make phonics fun and interactive. These resources are designed to reinforce what your child learns in our video lessons, ensuring a strong foundation.

  • We don't stop at the basics! Enjoy bonus videos that enhance your child's phonics skills, enrich their vocabulary, and boost their confidence in reading and writing. Learning with Robot Reg is an endless adventure!

and there's more...

  • Our lovable, friendly character, Robot Reg, is not just a teacher but a friend who guides your child through the fascinating world of phonics. With his help, your child will not only learn but fall in love with reading and writing.

  • Invest in your child's education today, and witness them soar in school and beyond. With Robot Reg by their side, they'll have the tools and knowledge needed to conquer the world of words.

  • Thousands of parents and children are already part of our Phonics with Robot Reg community, and they're experiencing remarkable results. Don't miss out on this!

Phonics Explorers

Perfect for those starting out on their phonics journey. Ideal for preschool-aged children as they embark on their first steps toward literacy.

Sound Detectives

Your child can tell the difference between two sounds and is ready to start reading and writing with them. Designed for children in reception, junior infants, or kindergarten.

Word Wizards

Your child is confident with phonics and knows letter sounds, can read and write longer captions and sentences and is ready to learn alternative spellings, Tailored for children in Year One, Senior Infants, or First Grade.